Secondary ESL Reading Program

ESL ReadingSmart™ helps middle and high school ESL students face the formidable challenge of learning English while mastering content in academic subjects. ESL ReadingSmart offers a unique newcomers' program for beginning English language learners and 126 content-based reading selections written at all levels of English proficiency.

Individualize Instruction

Teachers can implement ESL ReadingSmart either as a student-centered, stand-alone application, or as a learning environment that integrates online student work and classroom instruction. ESL ReadingSmart provides a placement test that generates an individualized path for each student to follow. Alternatively, teachers can select a specific level for a class, and the system will offer the same instructional path to all of the students in the class. The Student Assessment module provides individual, class, school, and district reports, and progress is measured in terms of Lexile® and grade level gains.

Challenge Students

The Student Component includes a section called Newcomers, as well as a four-level Lexiled® reading program based on multi-cultural, high-interest selections. The Newcomers section facilitates the introduction of basic vocabulary and sentence structure needed by beginning English language learners. The reading program includes Lexiled® multi-cultural, multi-genre reading selections that incorporate vocabulary support, audio tracks, activities, and quizzes. The reading selections increase in complexity as students progress through the program.

Incorporate Listening, Speaking, Reading, & Writing

The instructional pedagogy of ESL ReadingSmart is balanced. Lessons for each unit in the program contain activities that support all four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The lessons that support each unit offer vocabulary development, reading comprehension, grammar activities, and writing opportunities. Each instructional level is designed to provide a comprehensive sequence of learning activities.